Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Official!!

After 5 years of University I now have my Bachelor of Eduction- primary/elementary. I am trained to teach grades K-6.

Andddddd...I also was offered a teaching position which I am taking!! Yay me!! It's in Postville, Labrador...I'm super excited. Super nervous! Super scared! But totally up for the challenge.

Why is it such a challenge? Well, you know how I just said I'm trained for grades K-6!?! My position is for mainly grade 8 and grade 10 with high school religion!!!!! Ohhhh

So please wish me I think I'm going to need it!!!



Deanne Burton said...

Vanessa!!!!!! How wonderful!!!! Congrats!!!

Jean Marie said...

Congratulations!!! What wonderful news,such an accomplishment!!
The best to you in your new position!!

*Sally* said...

Wow congratulations! And of course, the VERY best of luck :D

Sally x

Anki said...

Congratulations and you will do great! Just believe in yourself! Kramisar - Anki