Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekly "to-do" List

My awesome boyfriend is gone away to work for 20 days so that leaves me with all the household chores! *sigh* I think sometimes I take all the things he does for me, for granted. Anyhow, this is just to keep me a little more organized for the week!

Do laundry (Done!)

Clean master bathroom
Dust living room
Dust bedroom
Fix the vacuum so I can cross it off my list for Monday!

Sweep & scrub floors
Dust kitchen
Clean counters and top of fridge

Leaving at 3:30 p.m. (directly after work) to go to my hometown for the weekend.

Away for the weekend :)

Away for the weekend :)

Lesson Plan for the week

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hi ho Hi ho It's off to work I go!

So no more sitting on my butt and relaxing like that gorgeous pup up there. I'm going to bed now and it's off to work in the morning. Chicken pox are gone (few lingering, but they're healed in regards of being contagious!) and I'm a happy girl. Going to be a short week, just tomorrow, but at least I get to see my students. Who would think that I would miss 16 screaming 10 year olds!? But I certainly do :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week Two Challenge Results!

Ok, so since I accidently did this week's organization challenge I had to do week's for this week! This week my goal was to organize my clothes and find some to donate. Well, I certainly accomplished that. I filled a HUGE garbage bag full of clothes. I used the theory "If it hasn't been worn since September, I don't love it anymore", therefore my mom will be getting a huge bag of clothes when I go to visit next. Whatever she doesn't want will be donated to the Salvation Army Thrift Store. I even found a little pile that was no good for anything so I cut them up for some cleaning scraps. There's even a picture of my closet; this is ALL work clothes, my comfy weekend clothes are in my dresser. Although there's not much left in there now! I'm excited. I even found several pairs of old flannel pj's (ok, so I admit I still wear them sometimes!!) that I haven't been able to get rid of that I'm going to use to make a scrap quilt. It won't be fancy, it will simply be for warmth and will be put under the comforter of my bed at my dads. I've been hanging on to the flannel pj's because one pair my grandfather gave me before he passed away, another pair my friend game me in HIGH SCHOOL because I loved frogs and the others are just a couple pairs of pants I found.

So this challenge: PASS!!!
**ETA: I went through all those purses and found the money above for my sealed pot challenge. Yay! I also now have a small pile of things I'm going to list on Kijiji**

Unto the money challenge. I'm QUITE proud of myself. After my trip home a couple of weekends ago I didn't think I would survive on very little money for a whole week. But I did it. And I didn't use my debit card or credit card once!!! I still have $33 left and that'll be used towards this week money. Exciteddddd!! Thanks to Carla for keeping me on track these pass two weeks lol.

This upcoming week(s) may not be so promising. Two of my very close friends have birthdays at the end of the month. I know I'm getting one of them a scarf (~$25) and the other a GC to Reitmans (~20) and I have a notepad to go with it too. It was also my godson's birthday last week and I completely forgot. So I'm going to pop him a $20 cheque and let his mom get him something. I also need to make a donation to RNCA, I sponsored them $20 this summer apparently and forgot about it. I had a letter come last time I was at my dads house. Oops! So not sure how the finances are going to be these next two weeks. But I'll be by later tonight or tomorrow with my goals for week three.

Low Spend Challenge: PASS!!!
**ETA: I will use $25 of the $33 to put towards my $500 Christmas Challenge!!**

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat!

Following along with Carla and her Sunday night Chit Chat! This is a picture of my mini sewing machine that I've finally figured out how to use. I've been sewing like a crazy person on my cards. My mom told me I could get her old(ish) sewing machine if I learned how to use this one lol.

I'm about half way through Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult. LOVE THIS BOOK!!!

The Grammy's. Not my usual thing to watch, but eh, may as well!

Listening to?
Adele, love her!

I had some mackerel for supper and carrots. I'm surviving my 17 day diet. I have a few pounds gone, so I'm happy.

Happy you accomplished this week?
Oh my. Ummmm...oh, yeah, learning how to use my sewing machine. I get frustrated easily and I've put off learning to use it for over 3 years now.

Looking forward to next week?
My chicken pox being gone. I miss going to the store, to work and I miss my boyfriend. *sigh*

Thankful for today?
That it's just the chicken pox that I have and nothing more serious. Oh, and calamine lotion heehee!!

Nighty night all! I'll post my cards tomorrow!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Keeping myself occupied

Well, since the doc ordered 7 days off work, I'm stuck inside...blah blah blah. I'm not sure how to juggle my time when I'm not working. I just sleep and be lazy-- seriously! So I need to somehow keep myself sane. I'm here alone because my boyfriend has never had the chicken pox before, so he's at his parents house. I cannot go to my hometown because neither my mom OR dad has had them before either. *sigh* So it's just myself and Little Miss Seven.

Here's my list of goals for the next few days. Mostly to keep myself organized motivated.
-- one load of laundry
-- vacuum
-- clean garbage can and fridge
-- go shovel snow for at least 30 mins.
-- create two cards

-- go through clothes for week 2 challenge
-- lesson plan
-- do one load of laundry
-- get out for a short walk with pup--- no luck, it was pouring rain!
-- create two cards

-- do one load of laundry
-- Clean master bathroom
-- go outside-- didn't happen. It was -21 with the windchill *sign*
-- lesson plan
-- create two cards

-- Dust living room
-- Dust bedroom
-- clean guest bathroom
-- lesson plan
-- go outside
-- create two cards


-- tidy kitchen
-- organize work stuff
-- lesson plan
-- go outside
-- create two cards


-- laundry
-- whatever else needs to be done lol
-- lesson plan
-- go outside


GO BACK TO WORK. Dearest Chicken Pox, please be gone!!!!!!!!!

Week Two Decluttering & Low (no) Spend Challenge

Well, I'm a little delayed in writing this, but better late then never (that's my motto for life *sigh* This is my second week following along with Carla and her February double challenge month!

Decluttering Challenge
Apparently I mixed up my decluttering challenge from last week lol. It was suppose to be to organize my clothes and this week was to clean off the dog kennel. Wellll...I sorta done the dog kennel last week, oops, my bad. So I guess it's clothes this week.

I'm going through my closet and taking anything out that I haven't worn since September. Then I'm going through ALL of my drawers and cleaning them out. Anything that I don't want/don't fit is going to go to my mom for her to pick through before I take them to the Thrift Store.

Low (no) Spending Challenge
Well, as mentioned last week, I had $52 to spend until this upcoming Thursday. My goal is to only spend this amount and to NOT use my CC or DB.

Since I have a lovely case of Chicken Pox, my neighbour done my shopping for me today. She spent a little over $19 for a few groceries, dog food and some lotion.
So that leaves me with $33. I think I can do this!!!!

The only downfall is that I won't be able to save the $25 I wanted to save for the $500 Christmas Saving Challenge. *sigh*

Hope you're all doing well out there in Blogland :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

This is me today...

I'm covered in chicken pox :(

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week One Decluttering & Low(no) Spend Challenge

**I can't get my pics to send from my iphone...will update pics later tonight!!

Okay, so let's start with the positive aspects of this weekly challenge lol!! I did success in my Decluttering Challenge! Yay me! My goal was to organize everything that was sitting on top of the dog's kennel (which I've been using as a "side desk" for junk and work stuff) that the dog doesn't even use anymore. I'm thinking now that I may actually sell the kennel because it's of no use to us. Her pet carrier is also a wee bit too small, so maybe I'll sell both of it together and buy her a new larger size carrier. My dad tells me every time I goes home that it's too small for her. Maybe I'll finally take his advice.

Week One Decluttering Challenge: PASS!!

Now on to the not so good news heehee. I took out $140 at the beginning of the week and that would give me $10 per day for the next two weeks. Well...myself and the boyfriend decided we would go to our hometown for the weekend which DRAINED my money lol. We went in two separate cars as he stayed out there to help his dad with getting their winter wood in.

So here's the breakdown of my spending:
START: $140
SPEND: $5.54 (Irving for bottled vitamin water and a scratch ticket)
SPEND: $69.69 (Gas, restaurant, alcohol)
SPEND: $2 (Raffle tickets from a teacher at school on a V-Day basket for her daughter's figure skating)
SPEND: $10 (Towards my groceries for the next two weeks- I set out an extra $100 for this because I started a new diet this week eeekk and went over by $10)
SEALED POT: $0.77 went into my sealed put

LEFT: $52.00 until next Thursday, Feb. 16th.

I actually think I can survive on this $52.00 because I have NO plans on going anywhere until Feb. 24th when I go home again. It's going to be stormy this weekend and my diet won't allow me to drink or eat out for the next 17 days lol.

POSITIVE NEWS: I haven't used my debit card or credit card AT ALL! That's huge for me!