Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You MUST Check This Out!

While reading the Sisterhood of Scrap blog today, I came across Sonja's Scene in their Teaching Tuesday Link! Wellll, you have to go and see the crafty things that this lady does, with things that I would never think about using (i.e. empty tubes, starbucks holder, etc.). She is truly amazing with her work!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Blog Candy Alerts!!

Here is some blog candies I have ran across from looking at blogs who are linked to other blogs and so on. So please check out these blogs and send some wishes to the owners- and who knows!?! You just may win a prize... :)

  • Lauren's Cards Etc. is celebrating 1000 hits with a whole array of goodies- August 23rd
  • Funky Hand Thoughts is also celebrating, this time it is for a 2nd birthday of her blog - July 31st
  • Over at Cat Wiskers she is celebrating 10000 hits- quite amazing, and offering some goodies- August 2nd
  • All The Things I Love is also giving away some goodies! And is celebrating 20000 hits woot woot! - August 9th

A Family is...Love

Using a sketch from Creative Scrappers I completed this LO for Am I Just A Boring Housewife, which was to complete something with the theme of LOVE. Well, this is my take on love- my family! This is my uncle (who just passed away from cancer), his two children, my youngest uncle and my youngest aunt.

Christmas in July

This is my Christmas in July challenge for Bev's 40th Celebration!
"I've been taking part in a lot of 'Christmas in July' challenges of late and as I now have quite a stash my challenge for today is to make something with a Christmas theme - I have been making cards but you can enter layouts, ornaments etc if you wish!The prize will be a set of Christmas cards in a presentation wallet - handmade by me for you to use of give as a gift.No piccie as I forgot to take them before I left!!Post a link to your blog/gallery & I'll draw a winner after midnight BST next Monday!!"

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My First Card!

So tonight I completed my first card! Yay for me! Heehee...it's much cuter in real life since you can't see the sparkles and glitter and stuff. I'm proud of it since it's my first and nothing special like stamping or anything.

Over at Polly Crafts they have started a new blog with challenges. And the first challenge is to create something using fairies. And it just so happens that they have printable fairies on their site that you can use. So I chose the Fairy", I love her, she has little cupcakes with birthday candle on it (not sure if you can see it), and I detached her hand from her purse and placed some gold thread stuff as the purse strap, it's right cute! It's so hard to see these things!

Also, over at Kraftin' Kimmie's Korner she made the most adorable notebook, and she's offering a RAK as a prize for someone who uses her design to complete anything crafty (layout, notebook, card, etc). So I used her general layout that she used. Drop by and leave her a comment on her cute book!

And over at Nikki's Card Creations she is offering a prize for someone who completes a card using some supplies that she suggested. These are: flowers, buttons, ribbons and patterned paper. I have met all of these suggestions...yay!

And THE MAIN REASON FOR THIS CARD!! Is to wish Beverley a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! For those of you who haven't been following along with her blog at Crafty Moments she is celebrating 40 days of Birthday celebrations. She is halfway there already! And for challenge # 20, Am I...Just A Boring Housewife is hosting the challenge. And it was to complete a birthday card for Bev (aka Guv). Well, here's mine! Pink and all...heehee :) Hope you like it Beverley! Happy Birthday!!

Blog Candy Alerts!

I've been studying for my midterms like crazy (last semester- thank goodness!), so I've been falling behind on my blogging and crafting...sad :( However, here's a list of goodies for giveaways that I have compiled:
  • Maria's Studio is giving away two prizes in celebration of 3000 hits! Very exciting. -August 2nd
  • And Yummy Scrummy Create is giving away two prize draws as well, in celebration of her 5000 hits!! -July 27th
  • Annnnnnnndddd, even moreeee hits to celebrate!! 20000!! Yup, that's right, 20000!!! Over at Kristne's Cards and Photos she is having a giveaway for this wonderful celebration. -August 3rd
  • Marlene over at A Lil' Bit of Me is also having a great giveaway of a stamp and some stamped images- which I'm super interested in!! -July 25th

Thursday, July 17, 2008

You've Gotta Be In It To Win It!

Found some more yummy blog giveaways today. And of course I'm entering them, no point in looking and wanting when I can have the chance at actually having. I love discovering all of these new blogs and websites, everyone is so talented out there! So here are a few more candies...

  • Jill of Jill's Cards is offering some yummy things in celebration of her 2000 hits! Quite the variety of goodies might I add!
  • Over at Thoughts of a Crazed Mom there is 40 stamped images being up for grabs in celebration of 4000 views to her blog...wooo, everyone loves stamped images!

Happy Thursday! It's almost the weekendddd...would be exciting except I have two midterms this upcoming week...yucky!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Forever Happy

In celebration of Beverley's birthday (This is day # 17 already!!) I completed the challenge that was hosted over at Deanne's Blog [[ Am I A Scrap Addict?? ]]. The challenge was to complete a layout using the word HAPPY somewhere in it's title. And if you create a new layout you get an extra entry, so I did just that. AND if you use one of her sketches (which are always fabulous) you get another entry! Woooo, so of course I used her sketch!! Soooooooo, if I can add correctly (although it is 1:20 a.m.) I believe that gives me 3 entries, woot woot!!

I created another layout of my nan and pops 50th anniversary a couple of years back. I've been wanting to do a few of them, and now I've accomplished it these past two weeks. My grandparents were/are awesome. Unfortunately my dear poppy passed away last year, but my nanny is still alive and WELL! I love them!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Goodies and More Goodies

So from reading my fave blogs I have gathered quite the extensive list of blog candies. I have been meaning to enter these for a few nights now but I've been WAYYYY too busy- university will be the end of me!! However...here's a quick blurb and link for each:

  • Over at 6 Degrees there is an amazing giveaway for $82 worth of brand new Scenic Route product!! -July 18th
  • LinniePink is having a giveaway for a Lantern Template! -July 20th
  • Over at White Ribbon Crafts there's a birthday celebration giveaway of stickers, rubon's, ribbons, lace, buttons, brad's,papers and some stamped images!! -July 21st
  • In celebration of the Guv's birthday Well, this is me.... is offering a minibook as a giveaway. -July 24th
  • Over at Cambiel's li'l Craft Diary there are some yummy Christmas goodies for giveaway in celebration of hits! -July 20th
  • AMAZING BLOG CANDY!!From FunkyFairyInspirations in celebration of 4 months as an active blog and 11000 hits are giving away is FREE FUNKY FAIRYS PAPERCRAFTS PRODUCTS FOR A WHOLE YEAR. -July 31st
  • Paper Babe is celebrating her facelift of her blog with some goodies. Be sure to check it out. -July 19th
  • Maria's Cards is celebrating 5000 hits! Go check out the picture of the great goodies. -July 19th
  • In celebration of 1000 hits, Linanna Designs is offering an array of yummie stuff. -July 18th
  • Heather's Creations is offering a bunch of goodies as a thank you for visiting her blog. -August 1st
  • More yummy goodies? Yup! Over at Tip Top Toppers Things there is a great giveaway in celebration of 100 posts. -July 18th
  • Mijn Weblog is offering a variety of treats in celebration of her 100 comments, well, 110 actually. -July 28th

Wooooooo, that was a long one!

Friday, July 11, 2008

What a Par-tay!!

Using the sketch over at my Sketch World, I completed another birthday layout for the Sisterhood of Scrap challenge. They are helping Bev celebrate her 40th, and to enter for the prize all you have to do is create (or enter ones you have already completed) layouts related to birthday and send them your link. You can enter up to 4 times with 4 layouts, so c'mon get in on the fun. The layout is from a birthday sleepover I had YEARS ago. It was such a blast, and in the morning my mom sneaked in and took a picture of us...lol...I was soooo mad then, but now it's sooooo funny!

Truly Madly Deeply Do!

Using the sketch over at Creative Scrappers (my first ever!) I decided to create a layout that I could use for two challenges. I loved this sketch, it's the first time I've ever drawn little lines on my layouts, and I liked the way it turned out, although the scanning does not show all of it.

So over at Pam's Eclectic Stuff I decided to take part in The 40 Days Celebration Challenge. I've been playing along with these the most that I can, and I really wanted to play with this one. It was mandatory to use 2 pattern papers and 1 cardstock (check! and check!) and there was a list where you could choose 3 other objects to use. I chose flowers, findings and a freebie (ribbon), so I think I met all requirments. I also used my gold paint pen, which was a free item that anyone could use. I really liked how it turned out.

Edited: I am also submitting this layout to Sisterhood of Scrap for this week. Our challenge is to send in a recent favorite layout, will, I adore this one, so here's my fave :)

Friday Night Blog Candies!

Over at The Other Side of Me, there is a great blog candy offering. The prize!?! A darn cutie of a stamp from Alota stamps. All you have to do is blog about her and then you're entered for the draw. Pretty exciting. So go on over and give it a try!

And over at It's All About Me! there is a grand giveaway. In celebration of 20000 hits Steph is giving away 4 prizes! Yup! 4 of them! 4 random winners, and all you have to do is go over, leave a comment, mention her in your blog and your entered.

And I just couldn't pass up entering for some Magnolia Blog Candy that is being offered over at Andrea's World. From stamps to papers to flowers, this summery prize would look great with my collection...heehee. So go and have a looksie!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

10 Years from Now!

10 years from now...

...I will hopefully have been teaching for 9 1/2 years by this time...

...planning on having completed my Masters in Education...

...HOPEFULLY have my $50000 student loan paid off...

...just be starting my family, as I will only be 31...

...still with my wonderful boyfriend, it's been 8 years now, we have no plans to marry because it seems to be a jinx and we actually wanna stay together...lol...

...I want my own house and my own car...house is # 1 on the list...I can always walk...

...I wish to have a healthier life then I have right now...

woooooooooo, it's hard to imagine ten years down the road, however, these are some of my hopes and dreams for ten years later...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blog Candies!

Over at Franmade she is offer TWO prizes, yup, TWO! You can choose either or get your name put in for either, which is of course what I am doing because winning either of them would be wonderful! Her reason!?! Just because she's celebrating a birthday/reaching 25000 hits! Woot woot! So go and help her celebrate.

Anddddd over at Mayas Hobbyblogg she is also celebrating 10000 hits! What an accomplishment. Anddddd, I reallyyyy want her prize, it's a beautiful bag filled with 140 stamped images. It can't get any better then that! Woot!

Over at Pink Lemonade there is a different giveaway. It's a beautiful handmade necklace, and you just need to go and have a looksie. It's beautifullllllll...and it's easy to enter, just leave her a comment...woooot!

Spiral Whisper has another contest happening. All you have to do is tell them your favorite product that they have on their site (my fave are the two unnamed bears -which they have another contest going to get names for the cuties). So go over and check it out.

Name those bears!

Over at Spiral Whisper they have a funky competition going on. They have two new stamps -one boy bear and one girl bear- that they are releasing and they wants names for them! So go on over and give it a try! The winner wins some stamps, so it's certainly worth it!

Unpubbed Challenge

The new challenge over at Unpubbed is going on until July 23rd. It is based on a layout by Chrissy (which is quite elegant and wonderful, by the way)! My layout is a little different no doubt, but I love it, it means a lot to me. It is of my boyfriend, another close friend and one of our best friends who passed away last year. I just love it!

And They Danced the Night Away!

Another two for one deal. Tonight I used the Sketch at Pencil Lines (my first time, but I loved the sketch and really wanted to use it). It's not much like the sketch, however, the sketch did give me the motivation to create my layout. I'm rather pleased with how it turned out!

And I based my layout on a challenge over at FunkyFairyInspirations. They had a challenge to create something related to "Dance." The prize for this challenge is a super cute stamp- it's a dancing elephant named Ellarina, how freakin' cute is that!?!

Edited: Wooooo, this can be a three-fer now! I was wondering if I would ever get to use it for a monocromatic layout, and as luck would have it, I can! In celebration of Beverley's birthday the challenge over at Blog 'Til you Drop! is to create something using the color PINK!! woooo, not only is my fave color, its also Bev's fave as well, exciting! I love this layout so why not use it for another challenge!?!

So my layout is of my grandparents 50th anniversay a few years back. I've been wanting to do something with it for a while now. It was at their dance, after the reception. They were so in love and just seeing them that day made me smile, I hope I get to share 50 years with my better half- it's been nearly 8, which isn't bad for such young'uns...lol. The anniversary was such a special day for my family because just a year later my grandfather passed away of a massive heartattack on my uncles boat. So now all we have are the memories, which made this layout very near and dear to my heart.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

3 Challenges in 1!

Tonight I completed three challenges in one layout...weeeee...I think that's fab. The first challenge was from the 40 Days event, this challenge was by Blog 'Til you Drop! And it was to create something crafty that represents the best birthday you've had. Well, I scrapped about my birthday 10 years ago- 1998! wooooo! I feel old! heehee! And it was one of my favorite because my friend Randi and I share the same birth date (same year too!) so we had our party together that year. It was so fun! There was nothing to worry about 10 years ago, only our first kisses or remembering the moves to The Macarena!! In my LO I have a little journalling done inside the little booklet that says August 24, 1998.

So I am also able to use this LO for the Sisterhood of Scrap challenge. Which is to complete a challenge for another blog and just let them know about it! I thought that was great, a two for one deal.

Well, I wanted a three for one deal, so I decided to use the sketch at 52 Sketches...52 Weeks. It was a super nice LO and I really loved it!

Once again, don't mind the terrible scanning. It does look much cuter in person, I promise :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Piece of Calorie Free Candy!

...and EVERYONE loves a piece of calorie free candy! Especially if it's crafty! If this sounds like you then head on over to LinniePink for a chance to win a A FIREPLACE TEMPLATE PERFECT FOR SPECIAL CHRISTMAS CARDS!! Fabulous! I love anything to do with Christmas. All you have to do is blog and link her up! Great!

Creative and Stamping Blog Candy!

Woooooooo, more yummy stamps being given away. I certainly want a part in this too- and I know you do as well. So why not drop on over to Creative and Stamping and take a chance on winning four great stamps :)

Crafty Card Blog Candy

Over at Crafty Card, there is a fabulous giveaway on the go. Deb is celebrating her Blogoversary ( a couple of weeks ago), her birthday ( a week ago) and her counter being very close to 30,000 hits! So to celebrate she is showing her appreciation with some yummy goodies. So go on over and have a look around :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I loveeeeee this page of my brother and I at his graduation just last year. So for challenge # 5 at Craft Moments I decided to use this page of Morris and I. The challenge was to use stars or stripes, or both! Of course, mine is of stripes. I know most people took a 4th of July theme, but since I'm not from the US it wouldn't be a usual thing for me, so here is one just full of stripes!

Pretty Pressings Giveaway!

So over at Pretty Pressings they are having a WICKED giveaway!! It's for One new Magnolia stamp sponsored by Magnolia-licoushandmade book filled with 200 stamped images (some you can choose)1 brand new spool of Stampin up ribbon. Krazy eh!?! So the reason for this wonderful gift is to celebrate 160000 hits!! HOLY!! That's pretty amazing.

Artfully Ila Giveaway!

You MUST go see these gorgeous stamps. They are ocean themed and too gorgeous! I want themmmmmmm...but you would get a chance too if you went and visited :) Oh, also check out the set of the stamps at High Hope Rubber Stamps!

Elf Creations!

Finally getting the chance to get back into my blogging! My boyfriend was home from work for his break (4 day! ugh!), so I've been missing my blogging!

Anyways, Elf-Creations has a giveaway on the go. You should check it out. All you have to do is link back to the site and link to Poppicrafts, a store in the UK! :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

5 Things About Me

For all your other bloggers out there, I figured I would share 5 random things about me! This was a blog challenge at Sisterhood of Scrap and I figured I'd participate :)

1! My Daddy is my hero! I am the biggest Daddy sook ever!!!

2! I learned to play the recorder this year as a part of my education degree at Memorial University -yes! This was a required course :

3! I LOVE my hometown- Long Island. I love going back for visits. And they have a beautiful walking trail- a must see if you ever visit.

4! I look forward to hitting the beach for a BBQ or a grand 'ol Newfie Cook Up! Especially with my mom :)

5! Snowshoeing is soooooo much fun and beautiful! It's one of those things I encouage everyone to try if you get the chance. I look forward to it whenever the snow hits!

Goodies Galore :)

And while at Karen's Creations I came across another lot of blog candy!!! Yummyyyyyy!! And this one is an awesome one, I must tell! In celebration of their 10000 hits, the folks at My Smilin' Donkey are giving away some awesome prizes for first and second places. You only have until tomorrow so get looking. Her site is awesome, I love these stamps and the way it looks, I can't believe I didn't know anything about this pure cuteness.

Karen's Creation

Sooooooo I found another really cute blog today :) While looking around at Phoenix Crafts today I came across Karen's Creation. She has a giveaway on the go with her blog, along with her crafty creations for you to all see :) So c'mon, go and have a looksie

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Erica's" and "Pam's Eclectic Stuff"

Wooooooo, two more exciting websites to share with you. I was recently reading Crafty Moments to see what the new giveaway was for today, and she linked us to From The Ashes where our "challenge" was found. On this blog I found a list of other bloggers who are also having giveaway in the next 40 days :)

Once there I came across Pam's Eclectic Stuff, which is seeming to be a wonderful blog (yay! can never have too many wonderful blogs to visit :) ) And for her giveaway we were asked to check out Erica's Craft and Sewing Center! Welllllll, THIS THRILLED ME! I'm not sure if any of you have joined the Lazy Girl Designs group on facebook, but the bags posted on there are AMAZINGGGGG!!! I soooo need the patterns for these so my mom can make me one, or well, I guess I can just purchase one...heehee. But pleaseeeeeeee go check it out. They also have a promo on right now, its 20% off regular priced items until July 15th, and all you need is this coupon code: STVSVRY8

So go have a look around. It's all funnnnnnn :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

FunkyFairyInspirations Stamp Giveaway

So I found another site that I love tonight: FunkyFairyInspirations. It's a great site, I really enjoyed it. Also found that they have a challenge to do a summer project for a chance to win a stamp. AND I WANT THAT STAMP!!!!!!! ...yup, REALLY want it!! It's so gorgeous, you should drop by and have a looksie.

So I went through some old summer pictures I have in a photo box and found old ones from 2000 when my family was on the beach. Our last name is "Colbourne" so I decided to title it "Colbourne Celebrations." It was a long time ago, before my Pop passed away, and just a few months ago, my uncle passed away as well, both from cancer. And they were both alive then, and everyone was having a good time, so I decided these were the perfect pictures.

The scanning is terrible, as I suck at it, but here is my entry!

Sisterhood of Scrap Entry

Such an exciting challenge over at Sisterhood of Scrap this week! It's to use a color that you normally don't use when scrapbooking. When I was out home this past week, I took all of my mothers ribbon she used to use for plastic canvas. And several rolls of it was peach. And I was "when will I ever use peach, ughhhh"...however, guess what color I used!?! PEACH!! Wooooo.

The picture is of my roommate Jeanette and her college grad last year. The scanning is terrible because I can't seem to get the hang of it, it looks much prettier in person. Jeanette even liked it, although she claimed she hated peach and didn't want her page done with that color. Heehee!

Help Scrapmetal Celebrate!

Just came across another excellent blog that just so happens to be having a giveaway. The owner of Scrapmetal's Retreat is celebrating her birthday on JUly 29th. So if you link back to her blog by July 30th you have a chance at winning a whole bunch of scrapping goodies.

Phoenix Crafts

Such a great Canada Day, I've spent most of it looking around at scrapping blogs, lovesssss it! Technology is genius!

Just came across this great blog- Phoenix Crafts - she has some blog candy up for grabs and I would really LOVE to get it...it is stamped images and I WANNTTTTT them!! So go over and look at her great work and leave some lovin' in her comments for your chance to win.

More Blog Candy!

I just came across two more wonderful blogs...I get so excited when I come across something new!! While looking at This Creative Chaos I came across a link to Bunny-Zoe's Blog and she's having a giveaway for some candy to celebrate her 10000 hits! What better way could one celebrate??

So head on over and link her to your blog and enter for a chance to win some yummy goodies :)

Happy Birthday Paper Trunk!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, more exciting giveaways and celebrations! While visiting Crafty Moments I came across another BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION! Another blog Paper Trunk is celebrating their birthday- the wonderful birthday number one! Celebrations are going on all day, so why not stop over there and take part, and maybe one of us may win sometime :)