Sunday, January 25, 2009

Heart Flower

This is a little flower that I made with hearts. I saw a similar idea somewhere a while back, and I figured I'd try one out myself.

Basically I just traced 16 hearts (yes, 16!! No punches for this lady) then glued 8 around a circle and then glued the other 8 where the gaps were between the first bunch of hearts. Then I pulled some ribbon through a button and glued the button in the centre of the flower, and taaa-daaa there we have it!! These probably cost around 10 cents each to make, pretty much a bargain. And since I'm living in the north with no stores anywhere near, these will come in handy when I start my valentines.

If you try these, or have another similar nifty idea, please do share with me! :)

p.s. Sorry for the bad photo...forgot to take a picture before I stuck it on my DT lo for tomorrow.


Carla said...

It's very cute, Vanessa! For anyone with a punch, they'd take no time to make!

Femin Susan said...

your creations are extremely attractive. How did you cope with such ideas?.. Let your creations reach beyond our imaginations.