Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Altered Journal

Here is a notebook I altered for school. My students and I (I only have 4 students!!) are starting a 1000 journal entries project. We read about this guy who started a 1000 journals project a while back and sent 1000 journals out into the world and everytime one person wrote in one they had to mail it to someone else to write in. Once the journal was full it was to be mailed back to the guy who sent them out. The journals are amazing-- if you haven't heard of this project before you really should check it out--
So for our project at school we are aiming for 1000 entries, I figured I would pitch in so that it would on average be 200 entries by the end of the school year. And the catch is that for every one entry we (myself and my four students) make we are to give the journal to someone else to write the next entry, then it comes back to us again.
These journals were just scribblers from the supply room at the school, they were quite ugly. Getting the kids motivated is hard sometimes, some just drew on their journals or TAPED paper on the cover, etc. But when they saw my journal they actually took it serious and saw that it was meant to be fun and creative.
If you leave me a comment I am going to use them for one of my journal entries for my journal! I'll just print it off and glue it in the journal for the kids to see!!


Deanne Burton said...

Cool idea Ms C!!!! Isn't it FUN when you can incorporate scrapbooking into your classes!!! The kids thoroughly enjoy it! I did card making today with a group after school.They had a blast using my stamps and punches and patterned paper!!!

Carla said...

I think this is an awesome way to encourage young writers! Way to go!! Can't wait to hear about your progress :-)

Carla said...

Hree is a post from my 11 yr old son, Benjamin.

I would like to know if you enjoy skidoo riding. I go for rides with my dad on the trails around our house and across the bog, which is not too far from our house. Do you ever see wild animals when you go for a ride? We usually see lots of rabbits.

Erin... said...

What a fun journal and an amazing project!! Hope you and your students have an amazing time!!!

Curt in Carmel said...

What an awesome project. I had not heard of it before. . .thanks for sharing. I also think it is really cool that you are doing your project based on it. Your students are lucky to have such a creative person! Great job on the altering too! Best, Curt

TaraG said...

Great project and your journal looks fab!
Sounds like it will be a lot fun for you and your class!
Thanks for the b-day wishes!

Jill said...

gorgeous journal, I love the papers you've used, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a lovely comment on my cards hugs Jill xx

E.T said...

lovvve the look!