Thursday, May 13, 2010


Look at all these super fabby American Craft goodies that are up for grabs. BlueMoonScrapbooking is offering this yummy assortment of products. So pop on over before May 29th to get in for the drawing!!

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Mandy said...

Well, well... looks like I've caught a lurker ;)

You should have left me a message so we could have chatted! I had no idea you had a blog :)

How did you find mine? I put it in my facebook info but I'm not really sure how many people found it!

Aren't LeeLu blog designs fantastic?! I love your little hooter friends :P

You're really great at scrapbooking. I tried it but I'm not that great at it, even though I like it. I'm giving all my scrapbooking stuff to my sister. She just bought a cricut! Those things are awesome!!!! Anyway, keep in touch "Ness"!

Mandy ;)