Sunday, August 3, 2008


Here is a layout I just completed of myself and my new friend that I have met during my Education degree at University. We've became best of buds and just a few weeks ago I went to her hometown for the first time, it was quite interesting.

I used the Creative Scrappers- Sketch # 11 sketch, it's a great one and I really enjoyed using it. I even attempted to stitch a little on it, exciting to try new things!

And this layout falls under TWO challenges over at Blog Til You Drop!. I mainly started it for the Recycling Challenge celebrating Bev's 40th Birthday! Wellll...the big pink flower that is used, was "recycled" from my old shower curtain that I took down tonight. I loved the shower curtain, but shortly after I got it, my friends thought it would be funny during a little get together to fill the pockets full of "bottles". I wasn't going to put the picture up (because it has beer bottles in it), but it was funny after I got over the fact that they tore it up on me. So yesterday I went out and bought a new shower curtain and tonight when I was throwing the old one away I had an "ah ha!" moment and thought it woud be great to cut the flowers out to use...heehee. I'm so nice I even gave half of them to my roomie as she scraps too!
And this layout also incorporates paint- which I hardly ever use, but when I saw the monthly challenge at Blog Til You Drop!- was to paint something, I remembered the part bottles of paint that my mom gave me after her wedding. We painted 50 wooden boxes to put cake in for the guests, and we had 4 part bottles left, so I took them back here with me. Woooo, another recycling thing...heehee. I had this boring brown cardstock in my stash, so I got out my antique white paint and just painted in random directions and whatnot, then I cut my letters out of it. I loved it so much that I kept the extra pieces and I will definitely use it again.

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elliemook said...

Fab layout, love your painted letters. Thanks for entering my challenges x