Friday, September 26, 2008

CIBC Run for the Cure

Well tonight my roomie and I held our CIBC Run for the Cure poker fundraiser in support of breast cancer research. We are participating in the walk on October 5th and we kept putting our fundraising off, so just two weeks ago we decided to have a poker game. A local bar here in the city let us use their facilities for free, 50% of the money went to us for the fundrasier and the other 50% went to the winners.

Our goal for the fundraiser was to clear $300.


We more then doubled our goal. It was fantastic. People are so generous (and really love to gamble apparently!).

The only sad part was that only 4 (out of 300) of our friends that we invited showed up. The other 26 were complete strangers who just came out to play a game of poker. There really are good people out there, and we are so thankful to them.

I'm still going to try to get more donations from friends and fellow teachers, so maybe I will get more to add to that.

And for our 4 friends (and a couple who sent donations) we are holding a dinner next Friday night for them! :)

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Enfys said...

Well done you. I do fundraising for the BC cause as well, and it seems to be a fact of life that people you count on to support you, don't, and total strangers do.