Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Goals: Recap

I can't believe how far into June we are already!! Yikes!! One more week of teaching and I'm off for the summer. One little snag is that I'm working on my Master's Degree for most of July in a town 3 hour away, so I have to leave my pups behind with the parentals. *sigh* You win some, and you lose some lol.

Here's a little recap of my June Goals so far:

1. Exercise 3 times per week: Success-- the weather was very nasty at first but then it changed for the better. I've been walking pups at least three times per week. No jogging though. I'm hoping the jogging will pick up once teaching is over and I get some free time. Only downfall with this hot weather is that I have to wait until it's nearly dark and finally cool enough to take the babies.

 2. Try one new recipe per week: Success-- I tried my own guacamole other night. Just an avocado, some plain yogurt and Epicure guacamole mix. It was delishhhh!! Not sure what I'll try out this week.

 3. Get to bed by 10:30 p.m. on work nights: Half success/half fail: I've been getting to bed by 10:30 but certainly not getting to sleep by 10:30. I spend a hour (at least) on my iPhone playing Words with Friends or using Pinterest. Tut tut tut

 4. Tackle at least 5 boxes of packing per week (since school is over I'll be moving to my hometown for the summer): Fail! I haven't even started yet. Next week. Between report cards and finishing my first master's course it has been crazy around here! Not to mention the new puppers I have!

 5. Create three cards per week: Success-- see cards above! Yay-- these are to build up my stash. This is a printable I seen on Pinterest! I wanna make a bunch more with these when I can. I already used one of these for my neighbour's birthday.

 6. TRY to post at least twice a week: Fail!

Overall I've been doing well. This is a crazy month. However, I've accepted a new position for this upcoming year. A permanent kindergarten position--eek. Quite nervous and excited and all emotions! Hope things are well on your end :)

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