Sunday, June 3, 2012

June Goals

Well it seems like FOREVER ago since I last posted (yes, ok, it kinda has been forever ago). I've been so swamped with teaching and then coming home each evening and studying for hours. I'm still trying to get a handle of things. I figured I would create a little list of goals for June to try to keep myself motivated and in the game.

So here goes:

 1. Exercise 3 times per week (aim to have ONE of these as a jog)- chances are the exercise will be in the form of walking my pups (I adopted a 6 month old-- that's for another post).

 2. Try one new recipe per week

 3. Get to bed by 10:30 p.m. on work nights

 4. Tackle at least 5 boxes of packing per week (since school is over I'll be moving to my hometown for the summer)

 5. Create three cards per week to put at the local store in my hometown to sell for this summer

 6. TRY to post at least twice a week

 Now, how's that for some goals? I hope you're having an enjoyable Sunday :)
This is my "little" cousin and my baby Seven at Seven's first birthday (which I still haven't posted about-- oy!)

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