Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Inspire Me Challenge

Tonight I finally did a re-do of a LO with myself and my brother in it that I've been wanting to re-do for months!! I was reading through some scrapbooking blogs as usual and came across a new one called I Inspire Me. There they had the most interesting challenge, you basically had to choose something that inspires you and use it to create a layout. So for mine I chose my calendar that Natasha gave me for Christmas this year. It's the cutest ever, by Jim Benton, and has witty comments every month that reminds me of myself. So I used the June picture for my inspiration.

I loved all of the blues and greens (and the pink of course, but I had to limit the pink since I wanted it to be a little "manly" heehee). I also loved the saying, and wanted to use something from it, so I used the words cute and nice as inspiration to describe my brother.

This is my original LO before I changed it around using a sketch from My Sketch World.

Here is the original (sorry for the poor quality, I need a better camera).

So I ripped it all to pieces (as you can see the start of here), and I was left with a MESS! Glue is not pretty to get off, ugh! However, this is what I ended up with. Oh, and the whitish looking ribbon is actually pink, my scanner also sucks.

I really love it! It looks much better in real life. The circles have things about my brother, characteristics, facts, likes, etc. It really inspired me to think about my brother and to find about 20 things about him that I thought made him special. This was a fantasic challenge that I'm glad I have taken the time to do for myself!


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