Thursday, July 3, 2008

5 Things About Me

For all your other bloggers out there, I figured I would share 5 random things about me! This was a blog challenge at Sisterhood of Scrap and I figured I'd participate :)

1! My Daddy is my hero! I am the biggest Daddy sook ever!!!

2! I learned to play the recorder this year as a part of my education degree at Memorial University -yes! This was a required course :

3! I LOVE my hometown- Long Island. I love going back for visits. And they have a beautiful walking trail- a must see if you ever visit.

4! I look forward to hitting the beach for a BBQ or a grand 'ol Newfie Cook Up! Especially with my mom :)

5! Snowshoeing is soooooo much fun and beautiful! It's one of those things I encouage everyone to try if you get the chance. I look forward to it whenever the snow hits!


Carla said...

Loved learning a bit about you :-) I have a friend in Long Island -- her family is having a reunion this weekend. I'd love to come check out the hiking trails!

Deanne said...

Cool!!! I didn't realize you were from Newfoundland!!!
I can play the recorder too! Loved it in school and taught it a bit as a teacher too!