Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday's To Do List

Boy oh boy it has been a busy week. Spent 17 hours of my week doing out report cards. They are done, passed into the principal and now they are handed back for revisions. So I need to devote another 1-2 hours revising and then printing again. Super fun.

And guess what!? I'm sick AGAIN. Another terrible cold...blah blah blah. Same thing all the time!!

Here is my to do list for today since my weekly list went completely down the drain last week:
  • Wash bedclothes and fold other clothes
  • Vacuum carpets and sweep floor
  • Go get more juice and cold meds
  • Start my snowmen tags for a swap
  • Finish recipe book for Christmas gift
  • Dust
  • Online Christmas shopping :)
Is that all!? Maybe I should relax so I can feel better...hmmm...


~Carla~ said...

You should get some Oil of Oregano for that cold! Being a teacher you're susceptible to everything your kids bring to the school! Ick! lol! Hope you accomplished your list! Now go relax! ;)

V Colbourne said...

Can I order that online somewhere? I'm pretty open to suggestions. There is nothing related to dairy in there is I'm assuming not since you use it.