Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weekly "to-do" List

In an effort to keep myself more organized and to not have to spend my entire weekends cleaning I've decided to divide my housework throughout the week. This is my "general" list and doesn't include things that I do every second week or monthly (clean car, etc.) and may be updated at anytime. Do you do anything to keep yourself organized?

  • Do laundry (Done!)
  • Vacuum

  • Clean master bathroom(DONE!)
  • Dust living room (DONE!)
  • Dust bedroom (DONE!)

  • Sweep & scrub floors (DONE!)
  • Dust kitchen (DONE!)
  • Clean counters and top of fridge (DONE!)
  • Vacuum (DONE!)
  • Organize clothing to sell & put up for sell online
  • Clip coupons and organize
  • Do laundry
  • Clean garbage cans
  • Clean inside of fridge
  • Clean guest bathroom (DONE!)
  • Organize for shopping on Sunday (groceries + personal items)
  • Pack for long weekend :)

  • Away for the weekend :)

  • Away for the weekend :)

  • Organization project
  • School work
  • Clean craft room/guest room
  • Grocery Shopping

Classroom "to-do" list
  • Create classroom boggle game
  • Correct massive pile of work
  • Plan spelling/word activities for next two weeks
  • Put together spelling workbooks or folders?
  • Plan next week's Math Cafe activity

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