Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week One Decluttering & Low(no) Spend Challenge

**I can't get my pics to send from my iphone...will update pics later tonight!!

Okay, so let's start with the positive aspects of this weekly challenge lol!! I did success in my Decluttering Challenge! Yay me! My goal was to organize everything that was sitting on top of the dog's kennel (which I've been using as a "side desk" for junk and work stuff) that the dog doesn't even use anymore. I'm thinking now that I may actually sell the kennel because it's of no use to us. Her pet carrier is also a wee bit too small, so maybe I'll sell both of it together and buy her a new larger size carrier. My dad tells me every time I goes home that it's too small for her. Maybe I'll finally take his advice.

Week One Decluttering Challenge: PASS!!

Now on to the not so good news heehee. I took out $140 at the beginning of the week and that would give me $10 per day for the next two weeks. Well...myself and the boyfriend decided we would go to our hometown for the weekend which DRAINED my money lol. We went in two separate cars as he stayed out there to help his dad with getting their winter wood in.

So here's the breakdown of my spending:
START: $140
SPEND: $5.54 (Irving for bottled vitamin water and a scratch ticket)
SPEND: $69.69 (Gas, restaurant, alcohol)
SPEND: $2 (Raffle tickets from a teacher at school on a V-Day basket for her daughter's figure skating)
SPEND: $10 (Towards my groceries for the next two weeks- I set out an extra $100 for this because I started a new diet this week eeekk and went over by $10)
SEALED POT: $0.77 went into my sealed put

LEFT: $52.00 until next Thursday, Feb. 16th.

I actually think I can survive on this $52.00 because I have NO plans on going anywhere until Feb. 24th when I go home again. It's going to be stormy this weekend and my diet won't allow me to drink or eat out for the next 17 days lol.

POSITIVE NEWS: I haven't used my debit card or credit card AT ALL! That's huge for me!



~Carla~ said...

Great job on the Decluttering! And good luck with the rest of your budget! :)

Debby said...

Not using the debit or credit card is a biggie!!! I would say it was a win week