Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week Two Challenge Results!

Ok, so since I accidently did this week's organization challenge I had to do week's for this week! This week my goal was to organize my clothes and find some to donate. Well, I certainly accomplished that. I filled a HUGE garbage bag full of clothes. I used the theory "If it hasn't been worn since September, I don't love it anymore", therefore my mom will be getting a huge bag of clothes when I go to visit next. Whatever she doesn't want will be donated to the Salvation Army Thrift Store. I even found a little pile that was no good for anything so I cut them up for some cleaning scraps. There's even a picture of my closet; this is ALL work clothes, my comfy weekend clothes are in my dresser. Although there's not much left in there now! I'm excited. I even found several pairs of old flannel pj's (ok, so I admit I still wear them sometimes!!) that I haven't been able to get rid of that I'm going to use to make a scrap quilt. It won't be fancy, it will simply be for warmth and will be put under the comforter of my bed at my dads. I've been hanging on to the flannel pj's because one pair my grandfather gave me before he passed away, another pair my friend game me in HIGH SCHOOL because I loved frogs and the others are just a couple pairs of pants I found.

So this challenge: PASS!!!
**ETA: I went through all those purses and found the money above for my sealed pot challenge. Yay! I also now have a small pile of things I'm going to list on Kijiji**

Unto the money challenge. I'm QUITE proud of myself. After my trip home a couple of weekends ago I didn't think I would survive on very little money for a whole week. But I did it. And I didn't use my debit card or credit card once!!! I still have $33 left and that'll be used towards this week money. Exciteddddd!! Thanks to Carla for keeping me on track these pass two weeks lol.

This upcoming week(s) may not be so promising. Two of my very close friends have birthdays at the end of the month. I know I'm getting one of them a scarf (~$25) and the other a GC to Reitmans (~20) and I have a notepad to go with it too. It was also my godson's birthday last week and I completely forgot. So I'm going to pop him a $20 cheque and let his mom get him something. I also need to make a donation to RNCA, I sponsored them $20 this summer apparently and forgot about it. I had a letter come last time I was at my dads house. Oops! So not sure how the finances are going to be these next two weeks. But I'll be by later tonight or tomorrow with my goals for week three.

Low Spend Challenge: PASS!!!
**ETA: I will use $25 of the $33 to put towards my $500 Christmas Challenge!!**

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Debby said...

Your doing a great job!!! Don't you love your closet all cleaned out!