Sunday, November 23, 2008

CHristmas Cards All Year 'Round

So the challenge over at CCAYR is to create a card with:
2 buttons
2 ribbons
2 snowflakes
So here are three of mine. I think they're a bit lame but I'm trying to work with Dollar Store materials here'm poor so this is about the best quality materials that they offer. Haha!!


Deanne Burton said...

Vanessa! They are great chards!!! Thanks for participating!!!

butlerfly24 said...

Looking good for dollar store materials!! I hate the way that dollar store paper smells.

I am proud to say that I have never bought a scrapbook item that wasn't on sale (except for like 4 pieces of paper that were for gifts).

I got my cuttlebug dies from ebay, I get a lot of my stuff there because you can get great deals.

Thanks for your thoughts on my work!

butlerfly24 said...

For some reason my last comment didn't post, so if it randomly appears later my apologies.

Those are impressive with dollar store stuff. Do you find the paper smells funny?!? I am a sale stalker when it comes to scrappin materials.

My cuttlebug stuff came from ebay, I get a whole lot of things from there that I can't get in Halifax...which is alot so I can't even imagine how you make out in NL!!

Thanks for checking out my stuff!!

E.T said...

hahaha you are funny! Im poor too! LOL lets celebrate!
love the cute cards. esp the round one!