Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Planner

So here is the Christmas organizer that has been floating around everywhere. I'm not sure which site I used for the tutorial, but I've seen them everywhere. It's super simple to make, and quite useful too!! And all the lists are free for download from Christmas Planner. You really should make one because they are super cute. Mine is a bit bulky because I used foam decorations, which I wouldn't reccommend using. But I'm still pleased.


E.T said...

Thats a rocking planner!

Alecia said...

This turned out WAY cute!! Great job!!

cynthia said...

Thanks for the link, but since it won't click through, I'm adding a corrected one here:


Nice job on the planner!

Cynthia from Organized Christmas

Anonymous said...

Lovely planner!! :) I'll have to try this out sometime! I tend to fly by the seat of my pants around Christmastime... LOL!! Be sure to check out my blog today ok? ;)