Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Easter Card

My first (and probably ONLY) card for this Easter. My mom called a couple nights ago and wanted a card for her nephew for Easter. I've been super busy doing report cards but I managed to whip this one up for her. She loved it, so that's the main thing.

Report cards are done. *does happy dance*

I've been accepted into the Master's of Literacy Education Program that I applied for a while back. I start on Saturday. I'm nervous, and oddly enough I'm most nervous about being the youngest person there. I know not many 25 year olds start their masters.

My to-do list is working wonderfully! I'm really loving being able to physically cross things off rather than getting on here to do it! I love adding two or three (sometimes four!) things per night to accomplish the next day.

Seven's birthday planning is still going strong. I have her invites nearly done, just need to do a few butterflies with the Cricut for it. I ordered her dress last night (and spent a freaking $32 on it! A DRESS FOR A DOG! I'm nutssss...). My mom thought I was silly planning a party, but then she thought it was cute and said for me to get my invites out soon lol.

Anyways, off to bed. Hoping to get some reading in as I have two books to review this month and haven't had a chance to finish either due to report cards.

Nighty night!

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