Monday, March 5, 2012

Seven's 1st Birthday {Planning}

So this is little Miss Seven and myself today during our snow day (which means NO work day!) Yay! We've been pretty relaxed all day. hit me. Seven will be turning the big number ONE of April 9th and this Momma must get her party planned.

I'm thinking I'll do a butterfly and bugs theme-- a little girlie, a little springish and a little kiddish (she is only one afterall).

So here's my list of "to-do" to get ready for the party:
1. Make invitations
2. Send out invitations
3. Make/purchase decorations
4. Make homemade dog treats
5. Make her a dog birthday cake
6. Purchase a nice birthday dress
7. Decide on snacks for the human guests
8. Get some dollarstore toys for the pooch guests to play with
9. Buy her a gift of course
10. Take her to the groomers before Easter Break

Am I crazy!? Maybe it's time to have children lol.

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